2 Simple Steps that Get You & Your Family Prepared for Emergencies

September is National Preparedness Month, so now is a great time to get prepared! In this article you’ll find some of the easiest steps to prepare for those little emergencies in life that can be annoying or devastating. Read on! The Ready Campaign has been sponsoring, nationwide, the National Preparedness Month (NPM) for six years, with support by Coalition Members across the USA. The big question is: are you prepared? With a couple of helpful tips and two easy steps, you will be ready for the two most common emergencies. Saving you time, money and frustration, you really can’t pass up reading more about this topic. Do you spend time traveling for work or leisure? If so, these 2 steps are even more important.

Emergency #1 - Where’s my wallet?
! Take time right now to make a photocopy of everything in your wallet. This includes credit cards, membership cards, everything! Get a manila envelope and place all of the copies in that envelope that is marked with the current date. Now you have to keep this in a safe place, i.e. a safe or safe deposit box. Plan ahead and mark the next 3 and 6 months date on your calendar with a note to “Check Wallet Contents” and update your envelope. Now its not a matter of what was in your wallet you know what was in there, who needs to be contacted and what steps to take to protect your identity.

Emergency #2 - Natural disasters or Burglary Just last year, flood victims in South East Minnesota had to work hard to come up with the necessary documentation to prove that their damaged property was indeed theirs! Mortgages, titles and deeds were all lost in the flooding waters. An up to date household inventory (and appraisals or receipts of valuables) along with important household documents can save you so much time, money and headache if you have a flood, fire or break in.

Take a Household Inventory Spend a few hours walking around your house with a digital camera and take a photo of all of your belongings. Burn the photos onto a CD or DVD. Make at least three copies. One copy goes in your safe; one should go to your insurance agent and one to the executor of your Will. If you have appraisals or receipts for any of your valuables, put those in your safe along with your CD or DVD of photos.

Protect Your Family Photos In the event of a fire, focus on getting your family out alive and not focusing on grabbing the family photo album. But what about losing all of those precious baby photos? Get to work on scanning those photos to a CD or DVD. The same with your property inventory, make about three copies. Keep one in your personal safe, give the other two to parents, or grown children for safe keeping. Another Hot Tip: ICE your cell phone! Use ICE as: In Case of Emergency in your cell phone book. List whom you would want to be contacted in the event of a medical emergency. Hospitals are checking cell phone’s for important contact information.

By implementing these simple home organization and emergency planning tips you could end up saving yourself a lot of time, energy, money and frustration.