Build Muscle Quick


 lot of people lately have started enquiring about how to build muscles quickly and to loose that extra fat (blame the summers for this sudden curiosity).  Everybody just wants to look great.  Interestingly in order to loose fat and build muscles quickly there are a number of diet charts around which claim to have a solution.  But, losing fat is a challenge in itself.  Here, we’ll be talking about the physical aspect of losing fat and how you can benefit from physical activity.   This discussion will include muscle gain tips like type of exercise, duration, frequency, and intensity.The need of the hour is to build muscles quickly, for this you need to first record your weight and get a body composition test done in order to find out your body fat percentage.  This will help in monitoring your progress through an exercise program and allow you to build muscles quickly.

Duration is key

In order to loose fat and build muscles quick there are a lot of conflicting views.  Different people have different views on this.  But according to available literature, bouts of lower intensity and longer duration burn more fat.  Exercise bouts of higher intensity and shorter duration tend to burn more glucose.  Scientifically it has been established that every exercise you do, in the beginning you burn more glucose, and less fat (in the form of free fatty acids).  Sustaining the exercise for about 20 minutes, you reach a crossover point in which your body burns fat and glucose at the same percentage, 50/50.  After that point your body decreases the amount of glucose used and increases the amount of fat used for energy.  This is where you get on the path to build muscles quickly.  At this stage oxidative metabolism is the sole pathway for energy production.

Fat loss can also be achieved through high intensity exercises such as sprints.  They also allow you to build muscles quickly.  Sprinters are thin, and have high amounts of muscle mass, whereas marathon runners, for the most part, are also pretty thin but lack muscle mass.  Considering this one should exercise for about 45-60 minutes, and if you go by the shorter duration method, the exercise should be no longer than 20 minutes.


Frequency plays a major role in building muscles because under training and overtraining are both important issues when considering how to build muscles quickly.  In order to overcome this you need to be reasonable in designing your program.  Thus, exercising less than 3 days per week is too little and exercising more than 5 days a week would be too much.  So if you do long duration, low intensity workouts, keep your work session to once per day.  Also it's not a good idea to do an intense weight training session following or followed by a cardio session.  This is simply too much for your body; it needs a break to recover.  In case both sessions are of low intensity, then it's fine to do both.

This sums up the exercise portion of the fat loss program.  All these muscle gaining tips will help you shed that extra flab and will help build muscles quickly.