How To Gain Muscle Fast


If you want to know how to gain muscle fast, my first recommendation is that you take enough time to rest in between workouts. During this recovery time, your muscles are re-supplied with essential nutrients and they are subsequently purified of harmful leftover waste that has accumulated within them. During recovery, you need to be eating lots of protein and carbohydrates. While you work out, your glycogen  levels fall quickly and you need to eat to make up for it. Otherwise, you will start to feel fatigued and just out of it. You should be consuming at least five to six hundred grams of carbs each day. Depending on the intensity and length of your workouts, you may need even more than that. So step one of how to gain muscle fast is rest between workouts and eat a lot of food.

The next step of how to gain muscle fast involves involving yourself in aerobic exercise several times a week. By performing cardiovascular exercises, you are increasing your number of capillaries. These small blood vessels are essential for your body to be able to properly absorb glucose, amino acids, and water into your muscle tissues. The more capillaries you have, the better your blood vessels are able to provide your muscles with the required nutrients necessary for the production of energy, as well as the nutrients and minerals required for growth, body maintenance, and overall repair and recovery. So step two of how to gain muscle fast is to perform aerobic exercises on a consistent basis.

The third step of how to gain muscle fast involves purchasing and consuming carbohydrate supplements that contain either maltodextrin or dextrin. These unique compounds have been proven to be the preferred and recommended source of carbohydrates for the sake of restocking your glycogen reserves. Quickly absorbed and digested, it avoids causing insulin to be “overreleased”. An abundant amount of insulin is the way on how to gain weight that is full of fat! You can consume it either during, before, or after your workouts and it is therefore the third step in how to gain muscle fast.

The fourth step of how to gain muscle fast requires you purchase some MCT oil. Containing twice the energy that protein and carbs contain, it is easily absorbed into your bloodstream and is an outstanding source of energy. In addition, this dynamic oil helps to keep your body from using up amino acids and proteins for fuel. That way, your consumed proteins will go towards your muscle development instead of being burned up for energy. This is a great tool for how to gain weight with intense exercise without losing muscle. A couple tablespoons of MCT oil each day is a great way on how to gain muscle fast.

Once again, the most important step on how to gain muscle fast is lots of recovery and time to rest. Your muscles are not growing while you are pumping iron; rather, they are growing during the times that you are sleeping and resting. Growth hormones are at their strongest during times that you are fast asleep. Maintaining consistent sleep schedules is important for staying rested and taking care of your muscles. So how to gain muscle fast involves aerobics, lots of good intake, and plenty of rest.