How to get rid of credit cards

The use of credit cards has now become a problem which many find it almost impossible to get out or resolve.

Eliminate credit card

With cards, not just the debts accumulate but also as a result, these problems accumulate in work, family and health. Furthermore, the idea of ​​buying now and start paying in 2 or 3 months is a very good idea for companies, but quite dangerous for the consumer.

Following some of these tips or principles, you can get rid of credit cards and the problems they bring when they are used improperly.

Tips to get rid of credit cards

Never buy something with the card that is not budgeted and less if the price is high. If the card is used to purchase food, clothing and other basic needs, this means that the money is already “busy”.

Commit every month to pay the full amount of the fee, so avoid falling into ever larger debts. If you were inclined to make only the minimum payment, just make sure you increase the debts.

Commit to no longer use of the credit card and handled cash, although the beginning is a bit tricky since it is intended almost entirely to the card. Organize a budget in which the only thing that will be access to food and clothing only if necessary. Gradually stop paying dues, this will empty your card and may be handled with cash. If you are heavily in debt and continue to spend more than you earn each month, you will only worsen the situation.

Dispose of credit cards; as with them the debt is not easy, is not something we can do from one moment to another, as the debts exist, but from the moment we decided to give this important step towards goodbye to credit cards, we are beginning to lead a better quality of life.

Another tip is to save , whether you save little money, a little more a little, will form a useful background to have when some unforeseen expense or a desire to “taste”. Ideally, we always have saved the equivalent of 2 or 3 paychecks.

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