How to get shapely legs fast

This exercise strengthens the glutes and especially the back of the thigh
To be contoured and have nice legs perform this exercise
It will take 5 minutes of your time, do it 3 times a week and notice the difference

For people who have problems in knees, this exercise is rehabilitation, because they discharge much weights, plus they will notice the difference when starting to dial and turning their legs, best exercise is that many muscles are involved for hold the pose. If you manage to be disciplined, you will not only get legs and nice butt, but also achieve the hamstrings (back muscle) to be strong, which means that your knees and hips to bear less weight, so also you will achieve the tissue located around the knee to be more effectively protect the bone.

Objective: To strengthen hamstrings.

Benefits: We strengthen hamstring, buttocks, knees lubricate, seek balance because the hamstrings are weaker than the quadriceps.

Muscles involved:Neutralizer: Transverse.Agonist: femoral biceps.

Antagonist: Quadriceps.Stretched: Quadriceps, tibialis.

Points to watch:Leave hip glued to the floor
Starting knees Floor
Relax in front of the neck recharging hands
Contract the abdomen when you exhale
Shoulders away from the ears
Caring for the lumbar area (where a small bend in the back blocks) of no weight bearing
The strength of the abdomen goes mainly to exhale.

Displaying: our legs are tied to the ceiling with a thread that goes up and down smoothly.

Prone position, face down, with folded hands and forehead on them recharge, relax muscles in the torso, begin with deep breaths, abdominal floor away whenever you exhale, knees flexed at 90 degrees, come together heels with pointed toes; knees away from the floor and from this point, go up and down the legs so

Now you will change the angle between your calves and the back of the thigh with very small movements open and close (her thighs are furthest from the floor (should not feel loads in the back all the time is on the abdomen) .

Extend the range of motion.

Leven your arms forward as you inhale, and keep your legs straight, exhale and flex elbows to form 90 ยบ elbows
Breathing: Inhale when lowering the legs, exhale to upload, when they inhale above the stretch, exhale to flex.

If you do not exercise:4 repetitions and rest 15 seconds, repeat three times
If exercise:8 repetitions in three sets, with rest 6 seconds
If you have pain in your knees, make awareness possible to separate the bones and if you feel pain intensity reduction. If you remain feeling pain consult your doctor.

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