Tips for using Google Docs

Tips For Google Docs

Google Docs is to create an online document and application management. If you have not used Google Docs and you have any Google account, it is really worth checking out. It can easily save you from buying MS Office or upgrade.
Like many applications off Google, Google Docs have been doing some testing behind the scenes. Being able to use and manage your documents well save a lot of time. Here are some tips to help you be more familiar with the documents Google..

Starting from scratch

If you are just starting out with Google Docs, and here are a few things you want to start. Note that there are features you can add them through the web applications and accessories If you are using a browser like Google Chrome. The latest is to support offline.

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These are the folders where you can organize your documents. I cannot stress enough how easy it is to organize from the beginning. If you need to go back and sort through all the documents and files, you will be a daunting task.

To create a Collection, click the Create button in the upper left of the home page of Google Docs. In the drop-down menu, you should see Collection as an option. The give any name to Collection, and you’re ready to go.
By default, you will be taken to the new Collection. If you are interested in the sub-folder, this is the time to make one. If you need to add a sub-folder, you can always do it later.


Documents for the transfer of current to the Google cloud, there are a couple of ways. If you have a lot of them to import to the cloud, you may want to consider an application such as Gladinet. Gladinet can do for you is to download all files from a particular folder or set of folders. You will need to sort after all that load.

The other option is loaded individually or folder. If you choose this method, you can import files to groups that have been already created.


If you are a user of Excel, this may be a little different for you. However, many of the same features and settings in the Google Docs. If you are a hard-core user of Excel, you may not have everything you need. Also look at the use of Google Forms. Export data to a table and stored in Google Docs.

Keyboard shortcuts

These are a few of the many keyboard shortcuts when you are using spreadsheets.

Show all formulas  Ctrl + ~Make a copy  Ctrl + Up arrow + S
Add new sheet  Up arrow + F11
Select column  Up arrow + Space
Select row  Ctrl + Up arrow + Space
Strikethrough  Alt + Up arrow + 5
Redo  Ctrl + Y
Move to next sheet  Ctrl + Up arrow + PageDown

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