How to get back to sleep

How to get back to sleep 

What Should I Do If I Can not Sleep?

I go to bed early, but sometimes I lie down for a while and I can not sleep. What should I do?- Thomas *The circadian rhythm changes make sometimes teenagers find it difficult to sleep.

If you’re lying and you fall asleep, do not think about everything from your homework until tomorrow morning if it’s your turn to walk the dog, maybe you need to make some changes to sleep.

Try the following:Start trying to take your mind of any thoughts you accelerate. Imagine a relaxing scene involving sleep and builds that scene in your mind. Say, for example, in the scene you are lying in a hammock on the beach, under the stars. Imagine the sound of waves.

How to get back to sleep 

Do you hear other sounds, like the breeze in the leaves of the palm trees?

What feelings do you have (such as the slight movement of the hammock or a gentle breeze)? 

Is there anyone else with you? 

Fully concentrate on this scene for a while.

If this fails and you’re still wide awake, try waking up a moment out of bed and do something relaxing that can make you feel drowsy,. As reading or playing a repetitive game like Sudoku. Keep the lights dim and go back to bed after about 30 minutes (or sooner if you start to feel sleepy).

Avoid technology like phones, computers or TV. Glossy screens can confuse your brain into thinking, it is time to get up. And anything that stimulates your brain (from a text conversation to a video game) you can also put your body in motion to wake up.

Get up for a moment can be useful if you have trouble sleeping from time to time or occasionally you wake up and you can not go back to sleep. But do not do it every night. If you have trouble sleeping, it is desirable to train your body so that every night down revolutions and relax with a pre-sleep routine. Doctors call this process “good sleep hygiene”.

Good sleep hygiene includes activities that tell your body it’s time to go to sleep, like going to bed at the same time every night, turn off all technology equipment and keep the room dark. It also includes avoiding caffeine or other stimulants for several hours before bedtime.

It may be useful to treat sleep like any other goal: create a plan to help you focus on the goal and get the results you want.