How to get ein number

How to get ein number

An Employer Identification Number ( Employer Identification Number ) of nine digits, also known as an identifying number of tax federal, is issued by the Department of Treasury ( Internal Revenue Service ) to identify a business for purposes of banking and taxes. There are third party services that can help a company to get an EIN, but usually involve a fee to use this service. A company can obtain an EIN from the IRS directly, without paying a fee to do so.


1  – Decide a method to apply for an EIN.

 The IRS allows businesses to obtain an EIN, free of charge, electronically using the IRS website, by phone, by mail or fax. The fastest way to get an EIN occurs when business owners request it by phone or online, since it assigns an EIN immediately following the business meeting online or telephone. When requested by fax, it could take up to four days a business to get an EIN. Apply by mail cause a business to wait up to four weeks to receive the EIN.

2 – Enter the IRS website or call the business line and tax specialist at 800-829-4933 IRS.

 Provides information about the company, as the legal name and business address, and the date when the company came into existence. Describe the nature of the business activities of the company, and the name, address and Social Security number of an owner or an authorized representative. Write the EIN of the company and keep it with other important business documents.

3 – Print the SS-4 form from the IRS website or call 800-TAX-FORM to the form that is mailed.

 This method of requesting an EIN is for companies that prefer to apply by fax or mail. Complete all required sections of the form SS-4, and include the signature of an authorized representative, an owner or manager of the company. Send the SS-4 form by fax to 859-669-5760 if the company has an office in the U.S., or send the SS-4 form by fax to 267-941-1040 if the company does not have a location in the U.S.. Include a contact name, telephone number and fax number where the IRS can send the EIN of the company.

4 – Send the SS-4 form by mail to the IRS Service Center (IRS Service Center), Cincinnati, 

OH 45999, if the company maintains a location in the United States. Companies without an office address in the U.S. should send the SS-4 form by mail to the IRS Service Center (IRS Service Center), Philadelphia, PA 19255.