how to get free itunes codes

how to get free itunes codes

I want to comment on this way of purchasing iTunes cards for free, you can buy apps, music, movies, series or anything from iTunes.
The way to achieve this is the most safe and completely legal, I do recommend it fast, because it is not how long it will last.
Let’s start with the registration, it is fast and simple.
Step 1) From your iOS device from the following link:http://m.freemyapps.com/share/url/3a52656c

Step 2) Then find the homepage of the service record, all the page is in English, take into account that, they will click on “Get started” (Start)

Step 3) After that the system will lead to “Settings” where there is a window that asked to appear we install a profile.This is because “Free my apps” requires your device ID to verify downloads.
So just give click “Install” (this is to verify that the product our Apple ID not make changes) without fear.

Step 4) When you already installed the profile, you will be taken back to where Safari opens a new sale and you can close the previous one.You are already registered in the system, now it is and I will explain the system works “Free my Apps” On the home page there are 3 options.

The first is called “Sponsors” (Sponsors) this can download applications from the sponsors that will grant a certain amount of credits, which are usually updated, they are obviously free.The second is called “Gifts” (Gifts) in this find a list of the applications available to download, from the best games and applications, they contain a certain amount of credits required to download these games.
The third and final flame “Share” (Share) on this page, you can share with friends through social networks and get piglets.

 Now for credit works:

Step 1) First go to “Sponsors” there is list of games and applications developers who you will have.Then click on any of them.I do click on “Ok” to the window to appear.And you will be taken to the “App Store” which will appear in the game you need to download, we give you “install” and begin to download the app like any other App

Step 2) When it is ready, the application should use no less than 35 seconds, no less, no need to be accurate over time the longer you use it better (I’ll suggest 1 minute), then leave the App button ” Home “reopen Safari (would ensure that the page of the App is the first when opening Safari)You have to refresh the page, because the appropriations already joined, and can now close this window.

Enter the area of “Gifts” double click card you wish to have, also if the window is secure, and ready, it will appear.That is the desired code, a number of indications for use and all kinds of important information about your card, it would come if you bought an iTunes card in real life.Try it, I guarantee you will not regret.