How to get free wifi

How to get free wifi

Discover the secret of the best hackers to get free wifi and enjoy internet without spending a euro.
Internet has become the most widely used reporting tool in history.In our culture, it is considered a good necessary, but accessing is very difficult for the high costs for an average household.

However, many wifi signals coming into your home, and in your hand is the use of them.Some will be invulnerable to our attempts to crack the password, but to get free wifi will not be a problem.

First Steps

Once we have identified the signals that are available to us, we will do well with the same program that contains the installation CD from our wifi, or with any of the programs that we say then antenna, we take note of all the information available.We need to focus especially on the network name, MAC address, frequency, or channel in which the network and the type of encryption we use, where we choose only WEP encrypted operates.

Tools Needed

The network offers a multitude of programs that could help you in your efforts to get free wifi. To date, the most widely used and effective is the Aircrack. This program can find bootable Linux operating systems, that, copied to a CD, when you turn on your computer with the same inserted in the reader, start not your usual operating system but that which is on the CD.Once the operating system is running, you just have to go to Start, Wifiway, Crack button. A window that only have to follow the steps as listed are open. When choosing, each opens in a new window, try not to ever close the main window to avoid having to repeat the process.First, you must scan the available networks in your area. Allow the program to work for about a minute and close the window. Now you must continue to step two, you will select the network where you can get free wifi in order to attack it. The program allows you several ways to do it, but while you’re all familiar with, it is advisable to use the first one.
From here you have to know to be patient to get free wifi. According to the security of the network, this step may take from a few minutes to an hour or two, the time needed to get the appropriate number of packages.These packages appear under the column called DATA, and when they reach two hundred thousand can close this window to continue with the process. If you have captured the required packages, the program will soon give the correct password.